An Encounter With The Rodent

The rodent is restless and inquisitive. It's never one book, it's three books at once. It's not a quiet evening in, it's a walk across the as-yet-unexplored part of the city. It's not a snooze on the beach, it's a backpacking trip across the country on the other side of the globe.

The rodent is persistent and stubborn. "Impossible" is a challenge, not a verdict. There are no unachievable tasks, only those that haven't yet surrendered. There are no barriers, although some goals are simply not worth pursuing.

The rodent is quiet but likes being around people. Shared excitement about a new discovery, squashing the opposite team in a game through a strategic group manoeuvre, supporting each other through low points: friends that get you are a treasure.

The rodent does not usually speak of herself in third person, but there's something about writing an "about" page that turns her into a third-person person and gives her a slight case of thes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(def coding
  {:role     [:data-access
   :code     [:php
   :github   ""
   :linkedin ""
   :employed {:as "Backend developer"
              :at {:name   "Duedil"
                   :size   :startup
                   :url    ""
                   :hiring true}}})

(def rodent
  {:name      "Jane Olszewska"
   :aka       "3Jane"
   :location  "London"
   :born      1982
   :language  [:pl :en :jp]
   :favourite {:pet-species "Rattus norvegicus"
               :genre       [:lovecraftiana
               :food        [:jp :it :mx]}
   :instagram ""
   :interest  #{:tech